Need an API for Alternative Investments?

Companies frequently encounter roadblocks as their development team attempts to build functionality to process investment transactions. A common solution is licensing 3rd party API software into your website to provide this functionality, thereby reducing development time and overhead costs. 

1. Investor signs up online 2. complete kyc/aml checks 3. provide payment information 4. e-sign documents 5. transaction completed

In the finance industry, there are specific requirements and regulations that affect the ability to utilize third party systems for securities business. Companies have to consider requirements such as the KYC/OFAC/AML checks, valid e-signatures on subscription documents, accreditation verification, and payment processing of securities subscriptions. TransactAPI is a transactional technology platform that enables broker-dealers, funding platforms, and issuers to conduct online private securities offerings in a compliant fashion. Our standards-based API toolkit can be quickly and easily integrated with proprietary platforms, saving development time and money. Issuers, intermediaries, and advisors can benefit from TAPI’s straight through processing of private placement transactions, which enables higher transaction volumes, expands access to investors, and reduces processing times. All information is stored in a secure, accessible format, which gives you the ability to pull all necessary records and information for regulators and auditors.