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Need an API for Alternative Investments?

20 Sep 2021
Nikki Gilbreth
Companies frequently encounter roadblocks as their development team attempts to build functionality to process investment transactions. A common solution is licensing 3rd party API software into your...
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Crowdfunding Technology & Compliance

12 Apr 2021
Nikki Gilbreth
Many companies have been taking advantage of the 2012 JOBs Act and the crowdfunding space has been continually growing ever since. One of the challenges for online funding platforms is learning how...
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Alternative Investments. How to raise capital online? Learn more about private offering exemptions.

The Different Offering Exemptions for Alternative Investments

26 Mar 2021
Nikki Gilbreth
Companies often choose to raise capital through a private offering exemption because it can be more cost effective and efficient than going to the public markets. There are several offering...
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